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Anti-Faberry shippers, please take this moment to learn about HETERONORMISM.

If you want. You can choose to not ship Faberry or to anti-ship it for reasons such as these (and many more, I’m sure):

  • Faberry shippers can be disrespectful to your ship
  • Faberry shippers are anti-Finn, usually
  • Quinn and Rachel are barely friends
  • You ship Quinndependence or you’re just a Quinn!stan in general
  • Quinn bullied Rachel for a long time and never apologized
  • Rachel wanted a nosejob, and Quinn encouraged it
  • The awkwardness of Shelby Corcoran and Beth
  • Rachel openly pursued Finn while he was dating Quinn (twice)
  • You disagree with shipping RL and most Faberry shippers ship Achele
  • Faberry shippers can occasionally over-obsess

Reasons that are NOT valid for anti-shipping:

  • Rachel and Quinn are “straight”

Since neither character on the show has officially identified as anything, it is a heteronormative assumption to say that they are. Now, you watch Glee, the so called “gayest show” on television at the moment, so I am pretty much going to assume here that you actually give a fuck about the LGBTQ community.

You may be asking yourself…what is heteronormism and what is this person doing in my anti tag? And I’ll put it in as shortest terms as I can, and we can all go back to our own ships and sail along.

Heteronormism - assuming that everyone is straight, until they “come out” and say they’re not

This is a harmful assumption, and one that is generally unproductive in our modern society. We want to be the change, and I think abandoning this way of thinking is one of the first steps to do so.

You might argue with me. “Well, X has only ever dated males/females, so they must be straight.” And even taking Faberry out of this equation, I’ve got to tell you something. A secret, if you will: Tons. Of. Gays/Lesbians. Date(d). The. Opposite. Sex. (Some gays/lesbians even *GASP* marry or are married to the opposite sex.)

The reason could be denial. The reason could be still discovering and understanding their own sexuality. The reason could be parental expectations. The reason could be religion. The reason could be a million and one different things, and it’s probably a combination.

Either way, the oppression of society is at least one of those many reasons for LGBTQ members to stay in the closet. The typical facet that “you’re gay until you’re not” contributes to that.

So please, hate us. Hate the Faberry fandom. Hate it like you’ve never hated anything before, because you think we’re delusional.

But don’t give “Rachel and Quinn are obviously straight” as a reason. Because they’ve never openly identified as straight, and because they’ve both never said they would not date the same sex. And because to say so, is heteronormism in a nutshell.

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